Our Mission

Doing the Great Work to Heal Our Waters

Our mission is to enable collaboration for doing the ‘Great Work to Heal our Waters’ by supporting movements, initiatives, projects, research and development, as well as connecting everyone who feels intrinsically and passionately motivated.


The World Water Community is set up in support of movements that create impact on society around our common theme of water. We support and follow the principles of OceansX.

OceansX trusts the unlimited human potential. It brings momentum to this potential and connects it to create true value for people, our society, and the world.

OceansX is an environment where intrinsically motivated individuals can find each other and bring about decisive movement in response to complex societal challenges.

What we do

World Water Community offers a number of functionalities. Some are still under development. We are also open for suggestions.


Forums, groups, discussions, connections, private messaging, and more. Opportunities to connect, ask questions, share experience with other members.

Member Search

Detailed search for members based on profile. Suggestions for profile fields are welcome.

Events Calendar

Calendar of events. Members can add events and sign up for events. We also have support tools for running your event. Please contact us for further information.

Project Funding

Funding page for World Water Projects. Members can post their project and launch their own funding campaign and back campaigns of other members.

Learning Management System

Courses and education. Members can create, sell and join courses. This is still under construction.


Members can offer their solutions and services and also find solutions and services provided by other members. A small percentage of the sale (if it isn't free) goes to the World Water Community.


Members can share their project in our News and Projects section. Please contact us if you want to post your project.


OceansX offers Boosts and project driving enabling a kick start of your movement. Please contact us to join our OceansX movement.

Who we are